Member Roundtable Data
Since we are not meeting face-to-face, we cannot exchange information as easily as in past conferences via the PRISM Conference Monday Roundtable.  TO ADD VALUE to EVERYONE’s Conference experience, PLEASE RESPOND to the following brief inquiry … AND please be sure to UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION PAGE on PRISM’s secure member web site.  MORE THAN ANY OTHER YEAR, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Thank you all for your cooperation and patience as we present the conference in this virtual format.

A.) Please list UP TO THREE (3) major initiatives that your organization is currently working on, or is planning to work on over the next 3 years, which might be of interest to other PRISM members and sponsors.

B.) Please list UP TO THREE (3) subjects for which YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK OTHER PRISM MEMBERS to possibly provide you some advice gained from THEIR experiences.